Our Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses

There are a few basics to consider when purchasing new eyewear, ranging from the type of frames to the features of the lenses. We built this infographic to help educate users on exactly what to look for when finding a frame that fits their face.

The Frame

The choice of frame shape should bring into consideration the general shape of your face. There are 3 basic face shapes:

  • Round: Square or more angular frames are best suited for those with rounder faces.
  • Oval: Both round and angular frames will add a style boost to ovular faces.
  • Square: For those with square or triangular-shaped faces, oval-shaped eyewear is the most common recommendation.

In general, those with more prominent facial features would benefit the most from rounder frame. Also, lightweight material can provide added comfort which may lead you to forget that your even wearing glasses. Above all else, choose frames that make you feel good!

The Lenses

With lenses, it is best to choose ones that block at least 99% of UV rays, which are often accompanied by stickers that say ‘UV 400 protection’. UV light comes in three types; UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVB are the rays that you need to worry about when picking eyewear. Don’t worry whether lenses are a darker or lighter shade – the color doesn’t dictate the level of UV protection.

There are multiple lenses types to choose from from a style perspective:

  • Polarized: These lenses assist in cutting reflected glare. They are the most popular type of protective lenses, especially for active people.
  • Mirror-coated: This style limits light entering the eye by reflecting it away from the front surface of the lenses. Many designer sunglasses will colorize the mirror coating to give them personality.
  • Gradient: These lenses are tinted from the top of the frame downwards. This means the top of the lenses is darkest.

Why You Should Boost Your Frame Game

Aside from the practical purposes of eyewear, such as corrective vision and protection from the damaging effects of UV rays, eyewear can also bring out the best in one’s personality, style, or sense of adventure.

Strikingly, eyewear is one of the first things that catches attention, whether it’s at a seaside wedding, a lunch meeting with colleagues, or a casual cafe rendezvous. More than 60% of people wear over-the-counter or prescription glasses, which rises when considering those who wear sunglasses.

Feeling comfortable in your own frames is important; with Vision Interchange you define yourself by choosing between a plethora of designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to accentuate subtle facial features. Let your glasses complement an outfit or event. Eyewear exists for every occasion as an opportunity to expand your horizons and rock frames that make you look and feel like your best self.