The Hidden Cost of Eyewear: Luxxotica vs. Vision Interchange

Have you ever wondered, “Why do my glasses cost as much as a new iPad?” Manufacturers don’t need to pay a premium for rare resources; most major brands build their glasses with nothing more than plastic, wires, screws, and lenses. The truth is, there is a large institution marking up the prices of major designer sunglasses, Luxottica Group.

What is Luxottica Group?

Companies ranging from luxury brands like Prada, Chanel, Ray Ban, and Oakley, to economical brands like Target and Sears Optical, all offer similar glasses. Even though consumers can choose attractive designs from hundreds of retailers, in a perfect world, this level of competition would imply a measured control over pricing. The reason this doesn’t happen is simple. Behind 80% of major brands stands a little known giant, the Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica Group.

It’s estimated that at least half a billion people around the world are currently wearing Luxottica’s glasses, making it the biggest eyewear company on the planet.

On top of owning 80% of major eyewear brands, Luxxotica Group is the owner of the largest vision care plan: EyeMed Vision Care. As the sole regulator of prices in the eyewear market, they argue that the high price of glasses is due to the frequency of their use. On top of that, they argue that glasses are not just utilitarian, they are fashion item that deserves fashion prices.

Change the Way you Shop for Eyewear

At Vision Interchange, we believe that a successful business will only receive high customer satisfaction through transparency. We pride ourselves on our non-profit background and our mission to provide affordable vision for the underserved community. We realized, the best way to fight against institutionalized price fixing is to sell a premium product at reasonable prices. “Why not provide affordable vision care for all?” For $39, anyone can now own a pair of stylish glasses/sunglasses.

Buying through Vision Interchange is a good way to be adventurous! We want consumers to purchase new luxury frames without having to dig deep into your pockets. Get rid of old frames responsibly, without having to feel bad about how much you spent on them. With Vision Interchange, the points earned from trading in an old pair of glasses can be used towards a new pair, all while avoiding the premium pricing typical of designer fashion.

In addition to a great way to keep your eyes in check, you will look great doing so! A portion of what you pay for your new frames will go towards helping under developed communities gain access to free vision healthcare. Check out for more information. Let your glasses support those in need!