The VI Foundation: One Vision Starts With You

Not many eyewear companies "give back" to the community. Established in 2014, VI Foundation is a collaboration of like-minded individuals who believe vision is one of the most important necessities of life. Underserved communities face tremendous difficulty in procuring vision health care services or resources for glasses and optical needs.

Our mission is to provide free glasses and free vision health care to the underserved communities. We work with our partners and donors in supporting vision health care resources to the underserved demographics. Vision is one of the most basic human senses and needs, yet it is inaccessible to far too many people.

At Vision Interchange, we strive to provide everyone with the right to sight.

Where it All Started

The YO! Center in East Baltimore serves as a safe haven for inner city youths from burdened neighborhoods. The center focuses on teaching youths various educational subjects in order to prepare for the GED exam, which allows them to have a high school degree. Many of these students have had limited access to the education system throughout their lives. Instead, their priorities everyday center around the basic sustenance of food, shelter, and safety.

While there is great need in developing countries worldwide, it is oftentimes hard to believe and overlooked that there are areas of immense need in our very own backyards. The students of YO! dedicate all of their resources to their studies, while juggling responsibilities of jobs and taking care of financial issues for their dependent families. It was here, while volunteering and tutoring, that we came across students who had profound needs for vision health care.

Corrected vision is so crucial for these youths and other people like them due to significant quality of life changes. They can navigate properly with reading signs and even driving. Most of all, they will have greater enjoyment and fulfillment from life.

With glasses, children can perform daily tasks like reading or studying. They can avoid job-related accidents from poor vision for labor intensive work.

Find Out How You can Help The VI Foundation

Vision Interchange believes that free vision healthcare which include vision screenings and exams, ophthalmologic procedures, and optical equipment/glasses can help increase the quality of one's life dramatically.

Our partners include local hospitals and clinics and foundation donors, who play a pivotal role in providing free eye screening exams in their communities. In return, volunteers at these hospitals and clinics gain valuable experience.

Want to be a part of something great? Just trade in your glasses with us and a portion of what you paid will be dedicated to funding Vision Interchange Foundation and providing better eye care to those that need it the most. Take action now simply by trading with