Ship Us Your Frames

Find the frames you lovingly stored in the back of your drawer. (They’re nice, but you’re ready for something new. We get it!)

Answer a few basic questions about your frames, and we’ll send you a super-sturdy prepaid box to mail them to us. Put your frames in the box, put the box in a mailbox and… that’s it! We’ll update you as your frames make their way to us.

Change your mind after sending? That’s OK! You have a week to get your frames back. We’ll send them promptly and give you a full refund, minus a small fee to cover shipping.

We Appraise

We want to find you a great trade. So we double-check that your frames are in good condition, clean them, take stunning photos, and showcase them for you.

Based on the brand name and quality of what you send us, we’ll give you points to use in our marketplace.

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Because we offer a great deal to buyers and sellers, we have a huge selection of high-quality frames. Designers you love are on Vision Interchange.

And because you’re trading – instead of buying and selling – you might notice a lot of really good deals. Add the frames you like to your cart.

Get Your Frames – And Lenses, Too

When you check out, you’ll trade with the points you got from your old frames, plus a $39 fee for the transaction. You own these new frames. You can keep them forever . Or turn around and trade them again . They’re yours.

Of course, you’ll probably want lenses, too. We can help! We give you access to a nationwide network of optometrists up to 40% off – and if you have vision insurance, you might not pay anything for basic corrective lenses.


Sound good? Check out our catalogue, or send us your frames. Be visionary!

Be visionary!

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